About FitChicks

“It’s okay to need help exercising and eating right. Doing this on my own wasn’t working and Fit Chicks! made the difference,” –Kara

When you want to lose weight and get in shape, the personal trainers and coaches at Fit Chicks! will help you.

Members benefit from one-on-one nutrition consults that personalize a diet and menu plan based on scientifically proven “clean eating essentials”

Personal Trainer Led & Customized Program

When you need a personal trainers and an individualized weight training program designed to strengthen, tone, and heal injuries, let the personal trainer and coaches at Fit Chicks! help you. Get the FREE Studio Pass and start a 14-Day Trial Membership.

Interval Cardio Training

Whether you love pounding out an elliptical exercise routine, or would whether skip the cardio workout all together, the personal trainers and coaches at Fit Chicks! will help you burn more fat, prevent injuries and improve your cardio fitness. The secret, High Intensity Interval Training or H.I.I.T.

Nutrition Personalized

The problem with most fitness places in the area is their “diet program”. Either, the nutrition help cost extra, depends on buying their products, or they’re based on one specific diet that you have to follow (but can’t follow forever).

The problem with diet center programs is they rarely show you how to create a lifestyle of clean eating that fits your family, schedule, and preferences.

“Why I stayed? My own personal trainer for strength and cardio, plus nutrition plans that work. They keep me motivated. I’m a better mom, wife and me now” – Karen

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