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Fit Chicks! Fitness Program Combines Personal Trainer and Interval Cardio

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It’s important to know how and where our body gets its energy. It accesses energy in a precise way – a specific order – this never changes.

Using a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), also now known as Burst Training, is more beneficial than cardio done at the same steady pace the entire time.

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Fit Chicks Studio has everything you need to lose weight or get in shape all in one safe, clean and convenient place.

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Optimum Workout Sequence


Warm Up

Do Strength & Weight Training For 30 Minutes

Then Finish With Interval Cardio For 20-25 Minutes

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This is the order in which our body gets energy (burns calories):


Glycogen (sugar) stored in muscles

Liver Glycogen – where our body stores excess sugar

BBA – Blood born amino acids – a chain of amino acids formed from protein


  • It takes 20-30 minutes of cardio exercise to reach level 4
  • The first 20 minutes of cardio are only burning stored sugar calories
  • Weight training uses up the glycogen in our muscles so if you do it first you get to burning fat much quicker when doing cardio
  • If you do cardio first your muscles are weaker and you won’t progress as fast