** Final 21 Days ** Survivor Points List Updated **


You’ll need 300 points every 21 days to stay on the island!!! You can do it! Remember: We’re all rewarding ourselves for making positive nutrition, fitness and well being a priority, too.

Note: everything is 10 points unless otherwise indicated

Check out some NEW point opportunities:

  • NEW Video: Vegucated (20 pts)
  • New Blog: http://denisfaye.com – The Nutrition Nerd
  • New TED Talk: Why Some People Find Exercise Harder, by Emily Balcetis
  • New TED Talk: What’s Wrong With What We Eat, by Mark Bittman
  • New TED Talk: The Single Biggest Health Threat Woman Face, by Merz
  • New TED Talk: The Happy Secret To Better…, by Achor
  • NEW TED Talk: How To Live Passionately-No Matter Your Age, by Allende
  • Book: The Daniel Plan by Rick Warren (20 pts)
  • Magazine: Read article in Cooking Light or Clean Eating magazine and write review

And there’s more . . . .

***Click *** here to see and print the complete list

You can do this!

Coach Roz & Kelli