Fit Chicks! Survivor Is HERE

by | Jan 26, 2020 | Uncategorized

Pledge. Play. Earn Points

Stay on the island and WIN

How to Earn Points: There are over 50 ways to earn 400 points (peak here)

How to Play:

  1. Sign the pledge
  2. Ante up 10 bucks
  3. Earn 400 pts
  4. Win!!

What do you win:

  • Your $10 back (yes, you have nothing to lose)
  • Chance to win a FREE ticket to the Chef Suzanne Catering Cooking Class Event, hosted by Fit Chicks!
  • Chance to win other prizes like – BONUS Personal Training Sessions, Gift card to the Store, DSW Shoes and more

Why you should play?

  1. You’ll lose weight
  2. You’ll have fun
  3. You’ll boost your Nutrition IQ
  4. You might super win prizes
  5. You’ll be able to get a ticket to the Cooking Class held at Chef Suzanne Catering in Fishers