Are you a Cardio Queen?

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Join the Cardio Queen Club! … 

Good evening Fit Chicks, 

Your current cardio program ends on Thursday and I think you’re in the Cardio Queen Club.

Staying Power Cardio was launched to help ladies improve their endurance. Remember the science of endurance has three parts – cardiovascular health, muscular strength and mental stamina. Would you agree that you made progress? Did your endurance improve over the last four months?  How do you know it? Did you write down a mental motivation on your cardio log, too?

Nominate YOURSELF for the Staying Power Cardio Queen Club Fit Chicks today!

Embrace the day – Roz 

P.S. Finish strong… I’m drawing names on Friday at 5 PM and the winners get $50 Amazon Gift Card for you to honor and reward yourself!  Sooooo reply to this note and nominate yourself 😉‼️